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Each variant has five completely different sets of numerals: in the normal font are hanging figures (mediaeval or old-style figures, for use with lower-case text). Lining figures are in the small-cap fonts. (Lining figures are the same height as capital letters.) In the expert fonts are tabular figures (similar to lining figures, but on the same widths to allow the setting of aligning columns of numerals), plus superior and inferior figures for making fractions.



Each font has roughly 3,000 kerning pairs: 900 basic pairs, with the remainder primarily being pairs including accented characters. So far, there are over 3kg of kerning test settings! The small caps have been carefully drawn and spaced to precisely visually balance with the lower-case characters.
Already, Thesis is providing scope for derivative designs: Nebulae (in FontFont release 10) was based on Thesis, and there will be some Dirty FacesTM (a new series of FontFont which will appear quarterly) formed from various components of Thesis.
Luc(as) de Groot's original intention was to design a family that was the total solution to corporate needs, that would look as good and work as well on business cards as on the side of a building, that contained all the characters and signs that anyone would need. For some months, Thesis has been in use in beta form with three design groups. Already the new logo for the city of Berlin uses Thesis – TheSans, TheSerif and TheMix, all together, in just six characters!

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LucasFonts is selling Thesis in two ways, both at special prices. A customer can buy the complete family – Thesis as 144 fonts, or any of the three variants – TheSans, TheSerif or TheMix, each of which contains 48 fonts.


Introduction postcard,
design Richard Buhl.
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